Anyone who works in marketing or has tried to market something knows that it is a bit of a dark art. Often, professional marketers have to strategise and come up with marketing campaigns for products and services that just aren’t inherantly appealing to their audience. Think about it… how often have you seen/heard/read an advertisement, bought something as a result and felt a little disappointed? This is classic and effective marketing at its core.

Marketing can be broken down into many areas. For example, branding is arguably the single most important part of any marketing campaign and or product/service. Branding is what seperates your product and or services from your competition. It is also a statement of consistency, telling your customers what they can expect when they walk into your store and purchase your products and or services.

Take a look at some of the world’s most popular brands. Coca Cola for example, it’s easy for us to overlook the feat that is their branding. Millions upon millions of people the world over have and will continue to pick Coca Cola over its rivals without much thought… you probably do the same. Why is that? Does Coca Cola taste objectively better than it’s competitors? Is it cheaper than it’s rivals? Does it offer any objective benefits that other brands do not? I’d argue no. So what makes Coca Cola such an appealing product? Marketing!Image result for marketing

Yes — Coca Col’a brand image is so strang that it has no other rival in this regard… possibly Pepsi… but that’s a stretch. How have they done this? Well, they’re very subtle in their approach but for years, they have aligned themselves with success. They have and do sponsor elite athletes, world sporting events and much more. So much so that our simple little minds simply draws its own conclusion about Coca Cola as a product — all the celebraties drink it, therefore it is better than the rest.

I wish this fact wasn’t true but the simple truth is that our brains can be hacked by effective marketing. Big companies spend millions on the psychology of marketing. Every advert you see, hear, or read has been specifically designed to influence you in such a way that you buy the companies product or service. Scary stuff huh?

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The benefits of investing in a sound and powerful marketing initiative within your busienss will make the difference between successs and failure and cannot be understated. Good luck and happy marketing!